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(Enlarge) Councilman Sam Moxley (File photo)

Baltimore County Councilman Sam Moxley faces charges of driving under the influence after an early morning accident in Baltimore City today.

Moxley, 50, a Democrat representing the 1st District, which includes Catonsville, Arbutus, Halethorpe and Relay, and in his fourth term, was involved in a four-car accident on W. Franklin Street at N. Pulaski Street around 1:20 a.m., according to police reports.

When police arrived, they found Moxley “swaying as he walked near his vehicle,” said Anthony Guglielmi, a city police spokesman.

Moxley was asked to perform a field sobriety test which he failed, the spokesman said.

He was taken into custody and transported to a city police station where he refused to take a breathalyzer test. Moxley was then transported to Central Booking where he was processed and charged, Guglielmi said.

According to a Statement of Probable Cause released Friday evening by Nicole Monroe, city police spokeswoman, "The accident appeared to be the result of a chain reaction caused by (Moxley’s vehicle), based on witness statements."

According to the statement, Moxley was driving a 2007 Toyota Highlander and rear ended the vehicle in front of him that was stopped at a red traffic signal. That vehicle was pushed into the rear of a third vehicle, which in turn was pushed into the rear of a fourth, according to police. 

According to the statement, one person involved in the accident was transported to Saint Agnes Hospital for medical treatment. She was later released. There were no other reported injuries, according to the statement. The statement said Moxley told police he had consumed sangria while out with friends.

This is the second time Moxley, who lives on Seminole Avenue in Catonsville, has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

He was arrested June 4, 2005, after after sideswiping a Honda CRV on the shoulder of Interstate 695 near the Wilkens Avenue exit. Moxley was driving a county-owned Chevrolet Trailblazer assigned to him. The driver of the Honda was changing a tire at the time.

At the time, Moxley told police he had “about four” glasses of wine earlier that night at a restaurant in Little Italy in Baltimore.

Three months later, in September, Moxley was given probation before judgment; one-year supervised probation; ordered to pay $150 in court fees; and ordered to participate in a drunken-driving monitoring program.

Moxley’s driver’s license was also suspended for one year.

Moxley expressed remorse and shame for the incident during that hearing.

“I stand here extremely embarrassed and hurt by what happened,” Moxley said Sept. 6, 2005, standing before Judge Jan Alexander in Baltimore County District Court. He vowed to speak to area high schools about personal responsibility.

Moxley could not be reached for comment on Friday.

Don Mohler, a spokesman for County Executive Jim Smith, said Friday, "This is a personal matter between the councilman and his family, and beyond that we're not going to comment.".

County Council Chairman Joe Bartenfelder, reached Friday evening, said, "I'm shocked, I hadn't heard about this. I'm stunned. I feel like a 2-by-4 hit me between the eyes."

This story has been updated.

user comments (9)

user davidmarks1 says...

Once was bad enough.

user topgop says...

Now we have two Councilmen waiting trial! One third of all Democrat councilmen! How can the Council really be doing an effective job?

user jeannet says...

Mr. Moxley clearly needs time to re-evaluate his life. We need a councilman who can focus on what is good for Baltimore County. This is not a time to be partying with friends. This is a time to be soberly assessing the needs of countians, identifying solutions, and planning for steps to lead us back to prosperity and responsibility.

user skolbe says...

My wife and I are working to teach her that our elected officials are good people... a role model, people to aspire to. Unlike other public individuals who may or may not necessarily be good role models, it's part of a politican's job description. Councilman, think about the "Daddy, why did that person do that?" question. Would love to have your response sir. I think you should resign.

user annmiller says...

With Ken Oliver indicted on felony theft charges, and now Sam Moxley with his second DUI arrest, the Democrat Party should clean up the council and call for Moxley's resignation. If not, the voters can fire them both next year. Time to boot the bums out and break the near monopoly on the council!

user david7 says...

Where is personal honor? Where is self respect? Where is accountability? Where is doing things for the PUBLIC GOOD? Where is Good Government? I can't find them in this article at all. My Uncle used to say "No matter who you vote for, Government always wins". Protect, Protect, Protect - what a sad state of affairs in Maryland Government!

user brucerobinson says...

Who owned the car Mr. Moxley was driving? Was it the vehicle assigned by the County? Are we, the citizens of Baltimore County, facing liability for damage to two more cars and injuries to at least one other person? I was surprised by Mr. Mohler's statement about this tragedy. The public interest can be sloughed off when an elected official is charged with a crime. Although there are certainly concerns for Mr. Moxley and the difficulties arising for them out of this incident, this is by no means a private, personal matter. I hope that Mr. Mohler's comments were made before he had a full understanding of the facts.

user bryanpsears says...

Bruce: The 2007 Toyota Highlander is registered to the Councilman Sam Moxley, according to a city police accident report. Moxley has not used a county-owned car since his first DUI arrest in 2005, according to county records.

user brucerobinson says...

Bryan: Thanks for the update. I am glad that he was out with friends, and not returning from an official function.

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